We create ideas powered by people. Our creative concepts are built from social insights. Whether the end result is a YouTube show or a new app, these are ideas that can live on any platform or in any medium, sparking conversation and action.



We deliver a service that builds communities, inspires engagement and ultimately increases rankings, by working with you to create the content that your audience wants and needs to see.



Relevant and timely, often reactive and in real-time. Our editorial and creative teams work with producers and specialists to conceive and execute content that combines editorial, video, photography and custom images. Our content extends and provokes conversation within a community, driving engagement and interaction with the brand.



We understand and use traditional PR values and practices to generate online results that perform for all areas of your business. Working closely with our Content Marketing team, we create online campaigns that engage the right people, in the right place, at the right time.


Some of this work was created, or directed by Manolo Zota before he started Neurona.